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  • Duane Edward Beach

    Duane Edward Beach

    44 year old Dominant Massachusetts resident takes the train from Wilmington to Lowell to teach 14 year old girl in the woods. Arraigned on 8-22-23 in Lowell Dist. Court. Ch265 S26c-1 + Ch272 S28a-12

  • Max


    Max, a 36yr old Georgia resident from Alabama, was caught off guard and lied when confronted about meeting a 14 year old girl.

  • Gregory Bonadio

    Gregory Bonadio

    ICAC Arrested. Guilderland, NY. Details, including body cam footage of his arrest in New York coming soon. A tip was called in to Albany PD, April 2022. He was arrested in December of 2022. Greg really really didn’t want the YouTube video up. There’s no “Report” button here. Disgusting chatlog takes an hour to read.

  • Joshua M. Pacheco

    Joshua M. Pacheco

    Joshua M. Pacheco is in his 30’s so he ought to know he shouldn’t be sending teens his peen pic or inviting them to his aunties house (in Worcester Ma) while she works. When our team member went to his door, he claimed he was “hacked” on both Grindr accounts and Facebook.

  • Jeffrey W. Chauvin

    Jeffrey W. Chauvin

    Husband/father in Massachusetts throws it all away for a fake teenager after two weeks of texting. One of our team members was the decoy and he was exposed by Ppmass on Wednesday February 9, 2022. Jeffrey W. Chauvin was a married father living in a small Massachusetts town at the time of his exposure for…

  • Kim


    Kim was 21 years old at the time of his exposure on January 23, 2022. He is from the Boston area. His profile said Newton Highlands Ma. We were not able to fully identify him. According to the chat log, he drove 1.5 hours and purchased condoms to use with a 14 year old girl…

  • Justin Sergio “Serg” Raphaelson

    Justin Sergio “Serg” Raphaelson

    Worcester Ma. resident attempts to pick up 13 year old girl in West Brookfield so they can go hang out or whatever at his place, 45 minutes away. He sped off when confronted by our team member. Police refused to respond to the scene or investigate. Nice right?

  • Joshua L.Via

    Joshua L.Via

    Brimfield Massachusetts resident attempts to pick up teen girl in West Brookfield for “truck fun” on New years day, January 1, 2022. He sped off when confronted by our team member. WARNING ⚠️ VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED Beyond this 👉

  • Tresjor Schrank

    Tresjor Schrank

    Tresjor drove very far across Colorado to come meet what he thought to be a 13/14 year old girl. He sped off when confronted by the CPP team in Broomfield, Co. Details available soon! This happened in 2021. The man was 23 at the time of his exposure. We sure hope he is making better…

  • Daniel Karl Gruber

    Daniel Karl Gruber

    Daniel Gruber

  • Douglas Kevin Sullivan Hobgood

    Douglas Kevin Sullivan Hobgood

    Exposed for being a creep by Colorado Ped Patrol on October 30, 2021. He was arrested on site. Douglas pled guilty to the charge of enticing a minor with the intent to exploit on 1-27-23. He is currently serving 3yrs supervised probation and listed on the Colorado Sex Offender Registry.

  • Andre “De” Rollin

    Andre “De” Rollin

    Aurora Colorado Father/fiance, Andre claimed he just showed up to see if she was real. Exposed by Colorado Ped Patrol on October 26, 2021.