Justin Sergio “Serg” Raphaelson

Worcester Ma. resident attempts to pick up 13 year old girl in West Brookfield so they can go hang out or whatever at his place, 45 minutes away. He sped off when confronted by our team member. Police refused to respond to the scene or investigate. Nice right?

This is Justin Sergio Raphaelson. Although his chats were not graphic in nature, I think we can all agree that it’s completely inappropriate for this grown man to hang out with any strangers teenage daughter. The chats are below.

West Brookfield police department was informed of the meet-up prior and REFUSED to intervene or investigate the evidence. The meet-up was directly outside of the police department. The evidence was turned in to the police. This evidence included ALL of the original decoy photos. These were photos of an adult which were edited to appear as a teenager.
Click to view.
Serg got a new whip!


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