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  • Tresjor Schrank

    Tresjor Schrank

    Tresjor drove very far across Colorado to come meet what he thought to be a 13/14 year old girl. He sped off when confronted by the CPP team in Broomfield, Co. Details available soon! This happened in 2021. The man was 23 at the time of his exposure. We sure hope he is making better…

  • Douglas Kevin Sullivan Hobgood

    Douglas Kevin Sullivan Hobgood

    Exposed for being a creep by Colorado Ped Patrol on October 30, 2021. He was arrested on site. Douglas pled guilty to the charge of enticing a minor with the intent to exploit on 1-27-23. He is currently serving 3yrs supervised probation and listed on the Colorado Sex Offender Registry.

  • Andre “De” Rollin

    Andre “De” Rollin

    Aurora Colorado Father/fiance, Andre claimed he just showed up to see if she was real. Exposed by Colorado Ped Patrol on October 26, 2021.